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wow. . . i havent posted in a long time

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Sep. 5th, 2006 | 08:02 pm
location: alma
mood: amusedamused
music: rockstar-nickleback

wow its been a really long time!!! sooo sorrry!! things have been crazy! my schedule at work has been crazy- being switched between a couple of different ones and i went on vacation!! yeah!!!!! it was not long enough and i didnt want to come back but that is almost always the case isnt it?? i got pulled over yesterday!! i freaked out!! the very nice officer didnt give me a ticket but warned me that i need to get my windshield fixed! i guess since it has been almost a year that it is time! and you know the more that i think about it i think that its been 2 years!!ohh well i guess then it is time!! i have found that i am not quite satisfied with life anymore! i dont know why if its becase i hate my store or what . .
things are changing and some for the good and some not for the good but there are some things that i cannot tell if they are for the good or not yet! anyways i just worked 10 days in a row and i needed today off! anne and i are going to go do things on thursday dont know what yet, we have talked about going to birch run or what not!! i watched stay alive today that that is an awesome fuckin movie!!! well i had better go for now i still have to drive back and get all settled in!! hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!!!!!

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